About Us

How We Started

We started Jade in 1982 as an all-make Hearing Aid repair and service center. We were immediately busy servicing hearing aid dealers and Audiologists in Michigan and Colorado. Soon we were awarded a contract with the Veteran’s Administration repairing our Veteran’s Hearing Aids, which kept us very busy. By 1983 we registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to begin manufacturing our own line of custom made Hearing Aids.

I personally witnessed a great void in the practice of dispensing Hearing Aids from the many Hearing Aid sales stores, offices, etc. that I visited. I saw that many people could “sell” Hearing Aids, but had minimal knowledge of Hearing Aid features, electronics, frequency adjustments, compression functions or the ability to understand the difference between a DIGITAL Hearing Aid or an ANALOG Hearing Aid. Most often, these local dispensers lacked proper Hearing Aid test analyzers to evaluate a Hearing Aid’s performance or capabilities to determine if it was properly helping the Hearing Aid owner to hear and understand by matching their hearing loss.

Filling The Need

This prompted me to open my own practice providing full Hearing Aid services. From start to finish, we dedicate ourselves to producing the finest made Hearing Aids our area has to offer the hearing impaired! We provide the hearing test, counsel with you for the right choice of Hearing Aids, and manufacture your custom fit Aid.

We offer Hearing Aid repair service second to none! Most hearing aid repairs are completed within 15 minutes of your appointment. Walk-ins may take a little longer. We service what we sell.

Jade Hearing also offers many top name-brand hearing aids and services them. Since 1982, we have helped thousands of people to hear better again; not just in the Oakland County area but we operate a satellite office in Tawas City on Fridays as well. This is a very busy office, open since 2003. We work well with the Lions Clubs helping many people that cannot afford hearing aids. This has been both a blessing and a privilege to help them.

If you have had hearing aids, maybe we can tune them better for you using our advanced equipment. If you are thinking about getting hearing aids, ask yourself “who knows more about hearing aids than the manufacturer?” Helping people hear is our business!

Recent Accolades

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Best of Clarkston – 2020

9 years in a row!

We are thrilled to receive recognition for our hearing aids services in Clarkston for our 9th consecutive year in a row!

Thank you to our patients for making it happen.

Paul Schell : Founder Jade Hearing Instruments

Paul Schell

Founder Jade Hearing Instruments

Don Schell : Director

Don Schell

Jade Hearing Instruments